Photo Guide

- Photos should be taken at mid-chest height, a little below the standard light-switch position.
-Try to get the shot that shows the most of the room.  Often this is standing in the doorway or corner of the room and shooting in.
- Ensure the lighting is adequate.  If you are unsure, obtain the services of a professional photographer.
- We recommend that you send us one shot of each room.  Or, send us a selection and we will choose the best shots to work with.
- We may not be able to virtually stage more than one photo of each room.
– Sometimes we are unable to provide reverse angles for every photo.  We will let you know if this is the case.

You've got around 5 seconds to grab a buyer’s attention as they browse listings online.  
90% of buyers arrange their viewings based on what they see on the internet. 

Which of these properties would you rather call the agent to view?

That’s right!!  It’s the same property…the only difference is that virtual furniture has been added.
It’s a great way for your buyers to visualise furniture placement in the house.
No need to arrange for furniture staging! 


NZ: $45 per photo
AU: $45 per photo
US: $30 per photo

Order now and upload your photos for 24-48 hour turnaround.

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